A0702 Greenlight 300 Sphygmomanometer

Greenlight 300 sphygmomanometer

Accoson Sphygmomanometers

Oxylitre's is known for high quality dependable products and we are proud of our association with Accoson. Accoson have a long history of innovation and quality, providing high quality blood pressure monitors to a global market. Oxylitre has become one of the main UK distributors of Accoson sphygmomanometers. Their commitment to innovation has allowed Accoson to become an established leader in both quality and accuracy with continued success in modern blood pressure measurements.

Oxylitre offer a comprehensive range of Acosson products, including the Green light 300 through to the Pocket portable aneroid sphygmomanometers.


  • Desk, Wall or Stand Mountable
  • Electronic Pressure Detection System
  • Non-mercurial
  • Auto-off Function
  • Up to 170 hours of battery life
  • 0-300mmHg Range
  • High Accuracy of +/- 3mmHg

Product Codes

A0702 - Greenlight 300 Sphygmomanometer

AC1772 - Wall Mounting Kit only

AC1774 - Stand Mounting Kit only


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