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Technical Support

Oxylitre Holdings Limited offers full technical support. Our easily maintained products come with extended warranty. This is backed by comprehensive service options for all customers and healthcare providers. Our commitment to Research and Development ensures product excellence, using the latest design technology, this is built in to every design. Our Technical Team of highly experienced engineers are working on new designs all the time as well as supporting the customer with after sales technical expertise.

Every product we design has performance and durability at its heart, this means that every Oxylitre product is designed to have a minimum life of 10 years and all of our products are serviceable In-House and most importantly On-Site.

Our Technical Support and after Sales Team offer a Service Exchange Scheme, replacing old for new, Onsite Service and Repair, In House Service and Repairs, On-site Product Training and In House Service Training Courses as well as Test Equipment with this knowledge you can have peace of mind about our commitment to delivering a world-class after sales solution.

Oxylitre offer a range of comprehensive training courses that enable you to perform certain services on your devices. This removes the need to wait for a qualified Oxylitre engineer to become available. Please contact sales if you would like more information on the training avalible.

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Would you like to become a distibutor for Oxylitre?, do you have any problems or concerns? please contact our sales department and they will forward it onto our technical team.