• Oxylitre Engineer repairing a terminal outlet
  • Service Call at a desk
  • AP4600 Undergoing repair in an ambulance

Oxylitre Medical Services (OMS)

Oxylitre Medical Services (OMS), a division of Oxylitre Holdings Limited offer a fully and comprehensive On-Site service option for all customers and Healthcare providers throughout the United Kingdom. Oxylitre' fully trained and certified mobile field engineers are backed up by the expertise of Oxylitre' Technical Support Department. With this knowledge you can have peace of mind that by choosing Oxylitre Medical Service an efficient reliable and technically competent service is working for you.

Our national team of service engineers are deployed throughout the United Kingdom supported by our in-house Medical Service Team, Oxylitre is in the unique position to respond to our customer requests promptly and effectively.

MHRA Guidelines
Our mission is to help our customers comply with current MHRA guidelines "Managing Medical Devices" under Section 8: Maintenance and repair

Our service division offer the following:

  • PPM, Planned preventative maintenance programs
  • FCC, Fully Comprehensive Contract
  • FMS, Fully Managed Service
  • Service Call Out
  • Repair Call Out
  • Priority emergency call-out options
  • Product Testing
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Product Installation and Commissioning
  • Technical Support
  • Product Audits
  • Other manufacturers products repaired and serviced
  • Risk management to minimise and mitigate clinical & financial risk through PPM contracts.

Oxylitre Medical Services has an extensive on site Serivce, Repair & Inspection capability of Medical Devices. This service is available to the NHS and the Private Sector including Voluntary and Charitable organisations throughout the United Kingdom.

Our services are split to cover two major catagories:

Catagory A— Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Hospices, Etc.
Catagory B — EMS Amublance & Helicopters, Clinics, Sports Clubs, Race Courses & Industry, Etc.

Catagory A covers the following products:

  • Medical Pressure Regulators
  • Pipeline Flowmeters
  • Pipeline Suction units
  • Electrical Suction Pumps
  • Portable Suction Pumps
  • Entonox® Demand Units
  • Hose Assemblies (+ 5 Year re-hose)
  • Twin Adaptors
  • PAT Testing

Catagory B covers the following products:

  • Ambulance Piped Gas Systems (+ 5 Year re-pipe)
  • Manual/Automatic Change-Over units
  • Pressure Warning Devices
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Flowmeters
  • Portable Suction Pumps
  • Manual Handling Equiptment
  • Hand Aspirators
  • Resuscitators
  • AED´s
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Mangar Lifts
  • Stretchers
  • Ramps
  • Fire Extinguisher (Inspection Only)

Oxylitre' extencive service fleet

When you choose Oxylitre Medical Services, your choice brings you much more than efficient reliable technology, it brings you complete peace of mind. The name Oxylitre means you can have confidence, not only in the performance of the equipment but in the company's efforts to give you complete satisfaction with the levels and the quality of service you require. Please get in touch by using our contact us page or by E-Mailing service@oxylitre.co.uk directly.