ESS200 "elite" Electrical High Suction Pump Twin Standard 2 Litre Jar Assemblies

Electrical High Suction Pump twin 2 litre STANDARD Jar Assembly

Mobile Electrical Suction Units

Oxylitre' 'elite' range of Mobile Electrical Suction Units deliver a high standard of practical efficient electrical suction solution for Healthcare Services. Oxylitre's range of 'elite' Mobile Electrical Suction Units have a long and exemplary history, simple to use, reliable and extremely functional. The 'elite' Mobile Suction Units are intuitive to use with two pivoting integral wheels the unit also incorporates a tactile trolley handle for ease of movement. These units are reliable and extremely functional, designed to deliver repeatable high performance time after time.

Oxylitre's range of Mobile Electrical Suction Units are dependable, with minimum maintenance required. Our Range of 'elite' Mobile Suction Units come with a long service life and a 7 year warranty.


  • High Vacuum High Flow
  • Twin 2 Litre Standard Autoclavable Jar Assembly
  • Robust High Impact Resistant Moulded Enclosure
  • 2 x 12cm Diameter Integral Wheels for mobility
  • Integral Gauge, Dual Scale Dial : kPa + mmHg
  • Encapsulated Bacterial/Hydrophobic Filter Disk
  • Fine Adjustment Increase/Decrease Vacuum Control
  • Illuminated Waterproof ON/OFF Switch
  • Vacuum 0 to 760mmHg.
  • Flowrate >25Lpm
  • 110volt – 240volt AC
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Approximate Size: Height:825mm x Width:450mm x Depth:300mm
  • Peak Sound Output at MAX Vacuum from 1m: 60 decibels


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