Oxylitre's new innovated pain relief unit

Mk2 Entonox® Pain Relief Demand Units

Oxylitre's innovated PRU demand valve is manufactured to the highest possible quality, designed for a minimum of 10+ year lifecycle. The unit offers the end user full 360° rotation around the hose, also incorporating a sleek handle for a comfortable patient experience. Set within a robust, lightweight, moulded body and complete with a British Standard Stainless Steel probe, our innovative engineers have designed this with the patient in mind. For more information please click on the links below or get in touch with someone from our sales department.


  • Antimicrobial Infused Demand Head
  • 360° fully rotational integral handle
  • Exhaust Vent away from user
  • Uses In-line filters
  • Available with PVC or Silicone Hose at varying lengths

Product Codes

PRU2001 - Pain Relief Basic System

PRU2002 - Pain Relief Complete System

PRU2003 - Pain Relief Demand Unit Only

Product Information Guides

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