POD2003 Oxygen Demand Head Only 1.5m PVC Hose

Oxygen Demand System Complete 1.5m PVC Hose

Mk2 Oxygen Demand Units

Oxylitre's range of Oxygen Demand Units are the oxygen demand valve of choice. Delivering numerous and significant improvements whilst driving down the cost of a high quality dependable oxygen demand valve.

Oxylitre Oxygen Demand Units are user friendly, intuitive to hold with a 360 degree fully rotational integral handle. The Demand Unit has been comprehensively field tested made from high impact plastic, the units streamline compact design is both durable and lightweight'. Our Oxygen Demand Valve is trouble free and easy to maintain with a long service life and a 7 year warranty.

The Demand Valve is available in a full range of sets, designed to meet your needs from field use to maternity Oxylitre offer a Pain Relief solution for you.


  • Oxygen Demand Head Only Mk2
  • Demand Head complete with 1.5 metre BS Hose and Probe

Complete with consumable starter kit:

  • 1 x Adult Face Mask
  • 1 x Bacterial Filter Disk
  • 1 x Pack of 5 Mouth pieces


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