PSP001T "petite elite" Portable Suction Pump High Suction STANDARD Re-Usable Jar Trolley Mounted

'petite elite' Portable Suction Pump High Suction STANDARD Jar Trolley Mounted

Portable Suction Pumps

Oxylitre's range of Portable Suction Pumps (PSP's) deliver a high quality flexible portable suction solution for Healthcare and Emergency Services. Our contemporary design Portable Suction is user friendly, comprehensively field tested to the latest standards. Made from high impact plastic, the units streamline compact design is both durable and lightweight. The Portable Suction Pumps (PSP's) are intuitive to use incorporating a luminous LED illuminated touch control panel and an easy access battery compartment. These units are reliable and extremely functional our range of Portable Suction Units offer high performance with operational reliability.

Oxylitre's range of Portable Suction Units are dependable, with minimum maintenance required. Our Range of Portable Suction Units come with a long service life and a 7 year warranty.


  • High Vacuum High Flow
  • Single 1000ml Standard Autoclavable Jar Assembly
  • Robust High Impact Resistant Moulded Enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Trolley System
  • Encapsulated Bacterial/Hydrophobic Filter Disk
  • Luminous Touch Panel Control
  • Instant Maximum Vacuum Override Button
  • Battery Level/ Charging Indicator
  • 80 to 500mmHg.
  • Flowrate >25Lpm
  • 110volt – 240volt AC
  • 12volt – 28volt DC
  • 12 volt DC Rechargeable Battery, 4.3mAh
  • Run time >1hr 20min
  • Weight 8.5Kg
  • Peak Sound Output at MAX Vacuum from 1m: 65 decibels


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