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1/4bsp nut and tubing tail

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Oxylitre Holdings Limited offer the most comprehensive range of Pipeline and Hose Accessories. Our Pipeline and Hose Accessories cover all Medical Gases suitable. Our connections are suitable for use with all flexible medical hose. Our extensive range of gas specific pipeline connections and accessories cover both British and European Standard connections. A full and comprehensive look at our range can be found in our product index.


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Product Codes

SP70 - Nut 3/8bsp (Right Hand)

SP70A - Tubing Outlet for 3/8bsp Nut

SP75 - Nut and Tubing Tail 1/4bsp

SB30 - Nut 3/8bsp (Left Hand)

SP92A - 02 DISS Nut (9/16unf)

SP90A - 02 DISS Liner (Plain) x 6.5mm O/D Tubing Tail

SP90 - 02 DISS Liner (Grooved) x 6.5mm O/D Tubing Tail

6363 - Connector 1/4bsp x 6.5mm O/D Tubing Tail

BS010 - British Standard 6.07mm x 1.78mm O' Ring


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