R1610N Regulator 11/16" Nut & Tubing Outlet Nitrous Oxide

Medical Pressure Regulator 3/8bsp Outlet Nitrous Oxide Bullnose

Medical Regulators Standard

Oxylitre's range of Standard Medical Regulators, have been designed with the end user in mind. Our Standard Range have a long and exemplary history, simple to use, reliable and extremely functional, our Standard Regulators offer high performance with durability engineered in to the robust design.

Oxylitre's range of Standard Medical Regulators are dependable, easy to maintain with a long service life with a 7 year warranty.


  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Brass Chrome Plated Body
  • NOT MRI Conditional
  • BS 341 No. 8 Cylinder Fitting
  • 44 bar maximum inlet pressure
  • Pre-Set 4 bar output pressure
  • Cylinder content Gauge
  • N2O 11/16" Nut & Tubing Outlet Connection


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