Special Small Bore Hose Assembly

Special small bore hose oxygen

Pipeline Hose Assemblies

Oxylitre Holdings Limited offer the most comprehensive range of Pipeline Hose Assemblies. Our Pipeline Hose Assemblies Range cover all Medical Gases from oxygen through to special gas mixtures. Made from flexible anti-static phalate free colour coordinated hose. Oxylitre also offer a full design service, to create the hose assembly you require, for more information on this service please contact sales. Our listed hose assemblies comprise of an extensive range of gas specific connections. A full and comprehensive look at our range can be found in our product index.

Each Pipeline Hose Assembly is produced to BS and European Standards and all are available in none listed lengths. Oxylitre's Hose Assembly Range comes with a minimum 5 year warranty.


  • British Standard end fittings (Where Applicable)
  • British Standard Colour Coded Hose (Length advised in product code)

Please Note:

Other Hose lengths & variations are available, please contact sales with your specification.

Product Codes

131001700 - Oxygen, Probe to 1/8" bsp Male 2.0m Long

500A226 - Oxygen, Probe to 9/16" UNF (DISS) Male 2.0m Long

500A4881 - MA-4, Probe to 1/4" bspt Male 2.0m Long

AH601F-M - Oxygen, Probe to 1/4" bsp Female 3.0m Long

AHD01 - Oxygen, Probe to 9/16" UNF (DISS) Knurled Female 1.5m Long

AHD011 - Oxygen, Probe to 9/16" UNF (DISS) Knurled Female 2.0m Long

AHD02 - Oxygen, 1/8" bsp Male to 1/8" bsp Male 1.5m Long

AHD022 - Oxygen, 9/16" UNF Female to 9/16" UNF (DISS) Knurled 2.0m Long

AHD051 - Oxygen, 9/16" UNF (DISS) Nut to 1/8" Male 0.75m Long

AHD052 - Oxygen, 9/16" UNF (DISS) Nut to 1/8" Male 0.45m Long

RD0218 - Oxygen, Probe to 1/8" bsp Male with Olive 1.2m Long


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